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Ignou Study Material pdf is an important thing for any Educational courses. and here in this website you are getting the collection of many books and study material status and for downloading, there is the option available on the site. Find your program which you want to study. To download the study material links are given below. Study Materials of the IGNOU are specialized resources. This plays a vital role in preparing for the examination. When you follow the study material then you don’t need to worry because of the study material prepared by the experienced professors . With the help of Course Material, the student can download it as many times as you want. Here you no need to pay the fee to the university. 

All IGNOU study material pdf notes are available for the download process. With the help of Online study material, Students can read anywhere and anytime. We include the category of all courses like Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Degree, Certificate, etc. in the list of study material. 

Study Material You can read from our website. All materials are available free of cost. Our objective is to provide complete materials of all courses to our students so they can learn online and complete their studies with a new modern way of education. For Brief knowledge, you have to IGNOU study material download. It will be helpful for the preparation of your examination to get good marks and grades. We make a list of IGNOU Study Materials by category like Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Post Graduate, Certificate, etc
that students or candidates can find their programme easily and download their required materials.

Check All Courses List of IGNOU Study Material

Master Course List Bachelor Course List
IGNOU MAPC Study MaterialIGNOU BTCM Study Material
IGNOU MAH Study MaterialIGNOU BSW Study Material
IGNOU MAGPS Study MaterialIGNOU BSCN Study Material
IGNOU MAGD Study MaterialIGNOU BSCHOT Study Material
IGNOU MAEDS Study MaterialIGNOU BSC Study Material
IGNOU MACS Study MaterialIGNOU BPP Study Material
IGNOU MA Education Study MaterialIGNOU BLIS Study Material
IGNOU MCA Study MaterialIGNOU BED Study Material
IGNOU MBA Study MaterialIGNOU BCom Study Material
IGNOU MARD Study MaterialIGNOU BCA Study Material
IGNOU MAPY Study MaterialIGNOU BA Study Material
IGNOU MCOM Study MaterialIGNOU BAPC Study Material
IGNOU MEG Study MaterialIGNOU BA Study Material
IGNOU MEC Study MaterialIGNOU BA in Philosophy Study Material
IGNOU MHD Study MaterialIGNOU BTS Study Material
IGNOU MTTM Study MaterialIGNOU BCom F&CA Study Material
IGNOU MSW Study MaterialIGNOU BCom CA&A Study Material
IGNOU MPS Study MaterialIGNOU BCom AF Study Material
IGNOU MPA Study Material                               –
IGNOU MADE Study Material                               –
IGNOU MAAE Study Material                               –
IGNOU MBA Banking and Finance                                –
IGNOU MCom F&T Study Material                                –
IGNOU MCom BP & CG Study Material                                –
IGNOU MLIS Study Material                                –
IGNOU MCom MA & FS Study Material                                –
IGNOU MSO Study Material                                –
IGNOU MSCDFSM Study Material                                –

Check the IGNOU Study Material for PG Course 

Post Graduate Diploma CoursesPost Graduate Certificate Courses
IGNOU PGDRP Study MaterialIGNOU PGCPDT Study Material
IGNOU PGDRD Study MaterialIGNOU PGCOI Study Material
IGNOU PGDPM Study MaterialIGNOU PGCGPS Study Material
IGNOU PGDMRR Study MaterialIGNOU PGCEDS Study Material
IGNOU PGDLAN Study MaterialIGNOU PGCWT Study Material
IGNOU PGDIPR Study MaterialIGNOU PGCE Study Material
IGNOU PGDIBO Study MaterialIGNOU PGCCL Study Material
IGNOU PGDHRM Study MaterialIGNOU PGCAE Study Material
IGNOU PGDHHM Study Material                                           –
IGNOU PGDGM Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDFSQM Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDESD Study Material                                             – 
IGNOU PGDCC Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDAPP Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDAE Study Material                                             –
IGNOU Post Basic BSc Nursing Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGJMC Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDSLM Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDOM Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDMM Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDMCH Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDIM Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDGPS Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDFM Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDEDS Study Material                                             –
IGNOU PGDDM Study Material                                             –

Check the IGNOU Study Material for Diploma Courses 

Certificate CoursesDiploma Course
IGNOU CTS Study MaterialIGNOU DTS Study Material
IGNOU CTPM Study MaterialIGNOU DIM Study Material
IGNOU CTE Study MaterialIGNOU DECE Study Material
IGNOU CPVE Study MaterialIGNOU DAFE Study Material
IGNOU CPLT Study MaterialIGNOU DWED Study Material
IGNOU CPF Study MaterialIGNOU DVAPFV Study Material
IGNOU CNM Study MaterialIGNOU DPVCPO Study Material
IGNOU CMSR Study MaterialIGNOU DNS Study Material
IGNOU CIS Study MaterialIGNOU DNHE Study Material
IGNOU CIG Study MaterialIGNOU DNA Study Material
IGNOU CHR Study MaterialIGNOU DMT Study Material
IGNOU CFE Study MaterialIGNOU DFPT Study Material
IGNOU CETE Study MaterialIGNOU DELED Study Material
IGNOU CES Study MaterialIGNOU DDT Study Material
IGNOU CDM Study MaterialIGNOU DCLE Study Material
IGNOU CCP Study MaterialIGNOU DCE Study Material
IGNOU CBS Study Material                                  –
IGNOU CAFE Study Material                                  –
IGNOU CRD Study Material                                  –
IGNOU CPE Study Material                                  –
IGNOU COF Study Material                                  –
IGNOU CNCC Study Material                                  –
IGNOU CIT Study Material                                  –
IGNOU CHCWM Study Material                                  –
IGNOU CFS Study Material                                  –
IGNOU CFN Study Material                                  –
IGNOU ACPDM Study Material                                  –
IGNOU ACE Study Material                                  –

egyankosh New Study Material status 

IGNOU Study Material in Hindi New IGNOU Tutorial 
IGNOU BA Study Material in HindiIGNOU PGCMHT Study Material
IGNOU CFN Study Material in HindiIGNOU PGDMH Study Material
IGNOU BED Study Material in HindiIGNOU CRUL Study Material
IGNOU CIG Study Material in HindiIGNOU CIB Study Material
IGNOU MEC Study Material in HindiIGNOU DNHE Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU PGDT Study Material in HindiIGNOU MAAN Study Material
IGNOU PGDSLM Study Material in HindiIGNOU MPA Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DELED Study Material in HindiIGNOU PGDUPDL Study Material
IGNOU MPS Study Material in HindiIGNOU MAWSG Study Material
IGNOU MAH Study Material in HindiIGNOU PGDAST Study Material
IGNOU MSO Study Material in Hindi                               –
IGNOU DWED Study Material in Hindi                               –
IGNOU BSW Study Material in Hindi                               –
IGNOU MSW Study Material in Hindi                               –

This course helps to make assignments and notes for Students. All PDF files of study material status are available on the official website and on the section of IGNOU Course Material Status.


How do I get study material from Ignou?

Answer:- Indira Gandhi National and Open University has given the study material to the students.  The candidate collects all the study material through the offline mode as well as online mode. For online mode students have to visit the regional study center of Indira Gandhi National and Open University for getting the IGNOU study material. The IGNOU regional center will be dispatched the study materials to the students form July beyond. 

How can I check my study material?

Answer:- Online mode

  • Students have to visit the official website. 
  • Click on the link of session July and January 2019. 
  • Select the session as per the student’s admission. 
  • Students have to enter the enrolment number. 
  • After that students have to click on the submit button. 
  • On the next page, students have to enter all the required details. 
  • Students have to enter a particular bar code of the subjects. 
  • After entering the barcode students have to hit the track now button. 
  • At the last IGNOU Study, the Material list will be shown on your screen where you find your exact location. 

How can I download Ignou material?

Answer: Online mode 

  • The candidate has to visit the official website. 
  • Click on the link to the study material. 
  • Enter the Registration number and fill the form as per the required details. 
  • Students have to enter the course code with the course name. 
  • While click on the Course code and course name you will see the view and download option. 
  • Click on the download link.

Offline mode 

  • Students can collect their IGNOU study material for the regional center. 

What is IGNOU digital study material?

Answer:-IGNOU Digital Study Material:- Indira Gandhi National and Open University offered digital study material for various courses. The digital study material is available at eGyankosh. This process has great benefits minimum of 15% of course fees will be refunded to those who are applying form digital study material instead of Hard Copy study material. Students need login Id to check digital study material courses.

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