MCA from IGNOU, Is it worth ?

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Today in this blog you will know about MCA course for IGNOU and for this course of ignou we have a famous question that weather is it worth or not ?

To ans this question first of all let me brief you about MCA program first

Masters of computer application is 3 year post graduation course.

And you can do MCA course in two ways first is regular mode and second is distance education mode

Both modes are different with each other

Let talk about regular mode first –

Regular mode is good for those student who are already a student means they are still studying only because in regular mode you will have to attend your class daily . And second important point is that fees of regular MCA is very high and specially in comparison with ignou or other distance learning program of MCA course, you will have to minimum 30 to 50 thousand per semester where as in ignou fees is very less only 12000rs per semester.

Now come to the MCA from ignou –

If you are a working person then it suits you to complete your degree from ignou because here you don’t need to attend classes daily. And you will have to pay very less fees only 12000 per semester and everything is online here so that you don’t need to visit your regional center or study center again and again.

And if you are not working person but want to join ignou because of money problem then also it is best idea to get admission in ignou

But as a ex student of ignou MCA. I will recomend you to do job in it sector because while studying in ignou you will have so much spare time so don’t waste it just use it to grab some experience and skills which will help you get good job after completion of your MCA program. Then you will get good salary.

You can also earn pocket money besides studying and learning something new everyday.

Over if you did what ever I have recommend to you then definitely you will get success no one can stop you

Ignou MCA degree is valid you will get all the things same as any other regular university .

After having some experience you can join any company or mnc with good package as well.

I hope you get to know something valuable

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