[MAGD] Ma In Gender And Development Studies


1st Year

Name Of the CoursesCourseCode    Credits 
Research Methodologies in Gender and Development Studies MGS-005  8
Gender and Development: Concept, Approaches, and Strategies MGS- 001 6
Gender, Development Goals, and Praxis MGS- 002 6
Gender Analysis MGS- 003 4
Gender-sensitive Planning and Policy Making MGS- 004 8
Internship/Field-based Research Project MGSP-001 4

2nd Year

Name Of the CoursesCourseCode    Credits 
Gender Planning and Development Policies MGSE-001 4
Gender Audit and Gender Budgeting MGSE-002 4
Gender Mainstreaming MGSE-003  4
Gender Issues in Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management MGSE-004 4
Gender, Resources, and Entitlements MGSE-006 4
Gender, Organization, and Leadership MGSE-007 4
Gender Issues in Work, Employment and Productivity  MGSE-009 4
Gender and Entrepreneurship Development   MGSE-010   4
Gender Training and Empowerment     MGSE-013   4
Gender and Financial Inclusion MGSE-020 4
Internship/Field-based Research Project MGSP-002 4

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