Doing MCA from IGNOU is not easy

hello friends welcome in IGNOU CONNECT today here in this blog we will tell you about why mca from IGNOU Is not easy. yes students thinks that MCA from Ignou in not easy one there are some reason behind that

Let me explain you why Doing MCA from IGNOU is not easy due to below.

  1. You need to write assignments of about 400 A4 sheets per each semester (both sides) within the first 45 days (in general last date is Mar 30 (JAN Session) or Sep 30(JUL Session)).
  2. For writing assignments you need to need go through all the concepts.
  3. Lab records will be 800 sheets (only one side and ofcourse per each semester). Generally submitted on (May 30 or Nov 30).
  4. Lab attendence 70% is a must, else you will not be allowed to sit for exams even though you write assignments and lab records.Ofcourse, you may request sir, but it is their wish to cosider or not, so better have above 70% lab attendence.

And you need to do all the above for the 5 semesters and in the 6th semester it will be your final project.

And if you really read with passion for concepts , you will be a gem , IGNOU material is exceptionally good , prepared by a panel of IITians.

You can download ignou study materials for free – click here

For successful completion you need to follow a dedicated plan.

For full information regarding ignou mca course you can click here

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